My experience and background in short:

  • I'm 40 years old and live near to Vienna in Austria.
  • I have no children and no pets, but a husband who supports me in every situation
  • I work since 2012 as professional photographer, most for weddings and portraits
  • Since 2021 I put my focus on food and travel photography
  • My passion is traveling and good food - so why not take pictures of what I love most

Hi, I'm Michaela.

Traveling and good food are among the most important things in life for me, this is where I find my strength and my peace.


That's why I love to express these two focal points in photography. I can stand in the kitchen for hours, testing wonderful recipes and capturing them in pictures that should show the whole world how great they taste.


Immersing myself in different cultures and absorbing them brings me into balance. I want to bring these cultures and stories closer to you, so I capture them in images that will go around the world.


I'm located in Austria, but I work for clients all around the world. Food photography and recipe images can I do in my photostudio in my home, I own a big collection of accessories and props for food styling and can produce images in different image styles and color gradings.


I also take pictures on locations like restaurants and hotels. Most of my images I take for agencies who sell those for me around the world.


Food-Photography - Travelimages - Stockimages - Cookbook Photography - Interior and Product Images - Recipe Shootings - Businessportraits - Restaurantphotography